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Being a first time buyer, I knew little to nothing about the process and had millions of questions. Bernie and Denise were extremely kind and helpful throughout the entire process. They were always prompt to answer all questions and concerns. And of course, succeeded in getting us the best rate possible!
Chelsea Coppel

My mortgage specialist Bernie Budney is very fast friendly and courteous. He was able to get things together for me very quickly. He was a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a mortgage .

Murray Bleile

Mr. Budney and his team were thoughtful and thorough, and dealt with every first-timer question I threw at them with grace. I didn’t even feel bad asking what might have seemed like dumb questions! They worked hard and got me an amazing rate and helped me to get a home I didn’t even believe I could afford. I would recommend them to anyone.

David Howe


Today many Realtors will not take clients out looking for properties without them being PRE-APPROVED. The PRE-APPROVAL is more involved than being pre-qualified. The process takes about 24 hours and involves us taking a full application from the client (online or over the phone), pulling the client’s credit report and sending it to the Lender for them to provide a PRE-APPROVAL. This gives you as a buyer great peace of mind for you know exactly how much you qualify for, the Lender has reviewed your credit and debt ratios so there are no surprises and you have locked in the lowest rate.

How Much of a Down Payment
Do I Need to Save?

This is one of the top questions from First Time Home Buyers. There are several answers to this question including there being a program where we can arrange the down payment for you under the Flex Down program. As a First-Time Buyer you have lots of questions; we take the time to answer all of your questions.


Is one of the first questions people have. We have a phone app that allows you to work out what you qualify for in under 60 seconds. It also provides updated rates, mortgage calculators and calculators for other costs that are associated with buying a home.

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