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With years of financial experience, Denise provides you with more mortgage options than your typical bank and at better rates. We work for you to secure the Best Mortgage at the Best Rate tailored to your individual needs.


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Whether you are looking for a great fixed or variable rate mortgage, we can find you the best possible mortgage rate for your situation. As Mortgage Brokers we deal with over 30 of the top lenders, including Banks, Insurance Companies, Credit Unions and Mortgage Companies who want to earn your business, providing you with lower rates than what are offered by your bank.

With many years of financial experience, we can provide you with many more mortgage options than a typical bank, as well as advise and guide you in choosing the option best suited to your individual needs. Our clients bring us their unique circumstance and we help them secure the mortgage that best fits their needs and their goals.

Our goal is to provide the best mortgage options for our clients, along with above and beyond service which makes getting a mortgage easy and stress free and as our clients rely on our expertise to help them achieve their real estate goals.   Expertise~Service~Rate™ are the cornerstones of the commitment to our clients.

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Best rate has been such a cost savings to me and my family. They cost nothing to use but have saved us so much in mortgage interest. Talking to friends I always find that our interest rate is so much lower than what they are paying. We saved thousands over the years I am sure.

Best rate was with us when we bought our first starter home and helped us through financing concerns that come when you own your own business like I do. Now years later they have helped us mortgage our first investment property. I appreciate this company so much and would recommend them to anyone looking to mortgage.



I had the absolute pleasure of working with Denise Budney for our mortgage application. She was absolutely amazing during the process. Very professional and always quick to answer any questions I had. She ensured we were well prepared for all aspects of the mortgage application. We highly recommend Denise and Bernie at the Best Rate Mortgage Team!

-Jodie Martens


My mortgage specialist Bernie Budney is very fast friendly and courteous. He was able to get things together for me very quickly. He was a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a mortgage .

– Murray Bleile


After having a not so pleasant experience with another broker I reached out to Bernie for a second opinion, what I received was more than that. His determination, commitment and patience are commendable. Bernie took the time to answer every question, go through every detail and because of this, buying my first home wasn’t as scary. He was also able to get me a fantastic rate, which is an added bonus. I highly suggest Bernie to anyone looking for a mortgage broker, you will not be disappointed. Thank you again Bernie!!!

– Mandi A


The best mortgage team!!! = ) Everything was clear and hassle free, especially coming from someone who is a first time home buyer. Bernie was very professional and got us the best rate! His very patient in explaining everything about mortgage and answering all our questions. Debbie was very helpful and she always give us an update on the status of our mortgage and if there is anything missing with our submitted documents.

OVERALL, GREAT EXPERIENCE and I’m very happy with my decision to chose them as our mortgage broker.

– Aileen M


We just bought a house with Bernie’s help.
The house is 101 years old and has a wooden foundation. with the current economic climate in Alberta the banks are a bit less open to lending on a house with those attributes even though it is in immaculate shape.

Bernie and Dawn went over and above what was required to help us get together with the right lender for this house, and for that we will be forever grateful.
Thank you Bernie and Thank you Team TMG!!

– Leanne & Patrick

My mortgage renewal experience with Mr. Bernie Budney was simply amazing and exceeded all my expectations in every possible way. I was amazed by how much dedication, commitment and patience Mr. Budney puts into his work all with the purpose of protecting his clients’ interests and finding the best possible solution for them. He makes the overall process smooth and seamless. The feeling of being safe and in good hands that I had during the renewal process was priceless. Thank you!

Five star experience!!! It will be my pleasure to have Mr. Budney as my current and future mortgage broker that I also strongly recommend to anybody who has any mortgage related needs.

– Borislav Misita


Bernie and his team helped us out immensely. Because of our circumstances of owning our own business, we ran into numerous roadblocks. Bernie always found a solution to go forward. We were kept fully informed during the process and he managed to get us an excellent rate. We would recommend Bernie and his team to anyone looking for the best mortgage rate possible.

– Janet Bezovie


I am very satisfied with the service I received from Bernie and Debbie at Best Rate Mortgage Team. They are highly knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Bernie is polite and diligent, with a very professional manor yet extremely friendly at the same time, he seems to have mastered the perfect balance. Bernie was always available to address any questions or concerns that I had and nothing was too much effort.

If you are self-employed or looking for an alternative to the big banks, consider using The Best Rate Mortgage Team!

– An B


The team at The Best Rate worked their magic to see a challenging house purchase come to fruition. The process to buy a home was filled with way more legal conditions and timing issues than I figured were possible but Bernie and Debbie at The Best Rate were aces in stick-handling my deal to a close. The bank where my business accounts are held was a joke in comparison to their access to mortgage options. They were absolutely class act pros with first-class customer service. I look forward to next opportunity to work with them and recommend them to all of my family and friends.

– Chad Smith

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