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As part of the TMG team which funds billions of dollars of mortgages per year, we have access to the lowest rates in the market. However, the lowest rate is not always your Best Rate.

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There are many aspects to a mortgage that go beyond rate that are important to look at and consider when deciding which mortgage is best for you. Many clients who just look at the rate may have an unpleasant surprise down the road when they have to make changes to the mortgage. Some low rate mortgages do no allow for portability, early renewal, blend and extend options or have very restrictive pre-payment and pay out privileges.


At the Best Rate Mortgage team we take the time to understand what your current situation is, what may change over the term or your mortgage and what your goals are. Based on this information we are able to not only go through the lowest rate mortgage options, but also explain the different levels of flexibility each mortgage offers. This way you can decide on which mortgage best fits your needs and avoid thousands of dollars in surprise fees.

A mortgage is the biggest debt many people will have in their lifetime, we feel it is worthwhile to take the time to fully understand all the aspects of the mortgage to ensure get the best rate and the best mortgage for your personal situation.