3 Ways Mortgage Brokers Can Help You Sell Your Home

Almost all purchasers in today’s market require a mortgage to complete the purchase of a home. For years Realtors have been utilizing the services of Mortgage Brokers to help them be more successful in selling houses. Mortgage Brokers have access to a wide number of lenders, a greater number of products and lower rates and can therefore help turn more lookers into buyers by offering more options and lower rates than most banks.

As someone who is selling their home by owner in this tight credit market, having access to a professional Mortgage Broker to help potential buyers arrange a mortgage that best fits their unique requirements at the lowest rate, could help you be more successful in selling your home quickly. The following are some of the ways a professional Mortgage Broker can help you be more successful in selling your house:

1. Down payment

There are a number of solutions to assist buyers with the down payment, including cash back mortgages, gifted down payment, borrowed down payment, vendor take back and some government programs. Working with a Mortgage Broker they can offer solutions to potential buyers of your house if they are not able to buy your house at this time due to a down payment issue.

2. Interest Rate %

Many times a Mortgage Broker can provide a client with a better mortgage rate than they are able to get on their own by going to their bank. By helping potential buyers of your house find a lower rate they may be able to afford more house with lower payments.

3. Provide a mortgage for clients who do not fit with the Bank

Some potential home buyers may have trouble getting approved due to being self employed with income that is hard to verify, being a first time home buyer with limited credit and/or down payment or being a purchaser who is new to Canada. With having access to many different lenders who offer special products for these types of clients I can provide purchasers with mortgages they could not get through their banks and in many cases at a better rate than they thought possible. This allows you as a home seller to draw on more potential buyers for your house.

As an independent mortgage broker with over 20 years of experience I am able to find my clients the Best Mortgage Options based on their unique needs and circumstances. Best Rate Mortgage Corp. has one of the largest databases of lenders including major banks, credit unions, trust companies and insurance companies. Best Rate also has access to private lenders who specialize in more challenging situations. I am please to offer my services to help potential buyers secure a mortgage so they can proceed with the purchase of your house quickly and hassle free. There is no cost to you for my services and I am more than happy to answer any mortgage questions you and/or or potential buyers may have.