How a Professional Feature Sheet Can Help You Sell Your Home Quickly

Realtors have long known that when Buyers are choosing from several homes there is one selling tool that is indispensable – The Feature Sheet. The Feature Sheet not only contains photos of the home to jog the Buyer’s memory after being out all day looking at houses, but it also allows Buyers to compare homes with the Feature Sheets side by side as they go through their buyer deliberations.

Some key points when creating a Feature Sheet:

– Pictures are worth a thousand words: Include not only the standard pictures of the front of the house but also include pictures of your favourite parts of the house…sun room, cozy family room, fireplace or the deck you enjoy in the summer.

– Print your Feature Sheets in color: This is well worth the extra cost. A color picture can help convey the warmth or special feeling of a home.

– Make the Feature Sheet look professional: Your Feature Sheet should be on par with the Feature Sheets used by Realtors. People who are shopping for homes will look at both homes listed by owners, and homes listed on MLS by Realtors. When clients are comparing homes viewed you do not want them to overlook your property because the feature sheet is sub par.

– Choose your words and the use of exclamation points carefully: Now that we are in the information age people in general have moved away from responding to “sales hype” to responding to information. In your text look to move away from using “Gorgeous Pool!!” to describing the pool and use a description such as “custom designed heated pool with imported tile and computerized controls”.

– Write the feature sheet to appeal to the widest audience of buyers: Avoid using terms such as Starter Home, Executive Home, Home for Growing Family, etc. By describing your home as a Starter Home you ignore the Retiree who wants to live in the neighbourhood, the Empty Nester who is looking to down size or the small family that wants to live in the area due to the schools, parks, closer to work, etc.

-Include Mortgage Financing options in your Feature Sheet: Since very few home buyers have the cash in the bank to buy your home without a mortgage, providing mortgage financing options is as important as letting the buyers know the price of the home. By providing the mortgage financing options on your feature sheet potential buyers can more easily assess if they can afford to purchase your house. The price tag of $500k may at first glance not seem affordable but if the buyer can quickly see on the Feature Sheet that the monthly payments are only going to increase their budget by $300/month they may be able to easier justify the higher priced home.

I would be happy to work out the mortgage financing options for you to use on your Feature Sheet, or if you like just send me an email to with the information about your home and the pictures you would like to use and I will send you a Feature Sheet that you can just print and display.